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Idaki Shin Kumano Hongu-Taisha Concert

Light crossing over the landscape suggests a vision of the world resurrected, showing the way to renovate a prosperous nation state protecting people's lives.

Though it was late afternoon, a gentle light was born out of the ground and the atmosphere around me. It was melting into my body and then ascending towards the large sky. Feeling exquisite warmth in the depths of my self, I found myself released from gravity, and fully welcome at this historic site, Ooyunohara. I was filled with energy to drive a prosperous future for our nation. While the sunset was gradually darkening the field, this light began to cover Ooyunohara, telling me to express this lucid scenery filled with energy leading up into the heavenly dimension.

The world we are in is in need of a new order, and a way of life common to all human beings, while people still continue destroying nature, and precious cultural assets, in so much as no proper direction has been manifested. Thus the life of each individual suffers, and every soul is injured.

Our country has been nourishing humanity, creating a supreme body, and brightening spirituality, in the midst of its rich nature, the sea, mountains, rivers and forests, with which we have been enjoying happy unity.

Modern society is in need of a nature that embraces everything; especially what we call the sacred place, cherishing both human body and soul. Such a place connects people on earth with heaven. It provides for us the meaning and wonders of life, where one's wounded life shall marvelously recover, and one's original spirituality shall be revived.

Though nobody particularly asked me to do so, I made up my mind to go to Kumano, wishing strongly for people to live their lives vigorously, forever enriching their soul. I found myself totally unified with the energy there. The soul shining within oneself is the fundamental power called love that builds up a prosperous future. The more people come with difficulties and pains, the brighter and stronger the soul becomes by overcoming them. Kumano has been welcoming all people regardless of age, gender, personal circumstances, or religion. Another step forwards to Kumano is a token towards realizing a peaceful new era and the way of human history. Thus Kumano stands as a sacred place open to everybody on earth.



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